How to select the best Chinese toy factory ?

How to select the best Chinese toy factory ?
There are many toy factories in China, with different sizes. It is very important for buyers to find the right toy factory. We can choose the best Chinese toy factory from the following aspects.

1. Minimum order quantity
Each toy factory has its own product minimum order quantity based on its production scale, raw material inventory, etc. You can consult the factory based on your quantity to see if your minimum order quantity can reach its minimum order quantity. This way you can exclude those toy factories that cannot accept your quantity.

2. Price
According to the quantity you want to order, understand the production process of the toy and ask about the price of the product. The price quoted by each toy factory in China will be different, and you can filter out the suitable manufacturer based on the price.

At the same time, you can communicate with toy factories to understand the price differences between different factories. It may be differences in raw material costs, labor costs, or production processes. This will help you better understand the product and negotiate the price with the factory.

3. Company business license
You can check the company's business license to see how long the company has been established, so you can infer how long they have been in the industry and judge their production experience.

In addition, by understanding the company's business license, you can also understand whether the supplier is a toy trading company or a manufacturer.

4. Exporting country
Understand the level of their manufacturing processes by understanding their exporting countries and customer base.

If their toys are exported to Japan, South Korea or Europe and the United States, their production processes and quality inspections will be more paper-based, and the prices will definitely be higher. Because these countries generally have higher quality requirements.

If they export to India and Africa, it means you can get the lowest price. At the same time, you have to spend more time communicating with them about the quality of the product and confirm whether they can produce products that meet the requirements. your quality requirements.

5. Product and manufacturer certification
A good way to choose the right manufacturer is to review their products and manufacturer certifications.

You can check whether the factory has undergone product certification, such as CE certificate, CB certificate, FDA certification, etc., to determine whether its products meet the import requirements of your country.

At the same time, you can check whether they have cooperated with Disney, Wal-Mart, Amazon and other companies, because the factory inspection standards of these companies are relatively complex, and generally the toy factories that can pass their certification are top manufacturers in China.

Filter the most suitable toy factories based on payment methods. In most cases, they will require a final payment before shipping, which is a big risk for you. So you can discuss payment options with your suppliers and shortlist suitable suppliers based on your payment methods.

We can screen out suitable toy factories based on the delivery time of the order. Because generally speaking, different toy factories in China have different production capacities and production schedules. If your delivery time is short, you need to find a factory that can produce the product in a short time.
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