Advantages of Chinese toy manufacturers

Advantages of Chinese toy manufacturers

We all know that China toys have achieved a dominant position in the world market, which brings great export volumes every year. Though under the influence of COVID-19, China toys exports is maintaining a stable growth in 2022 with the upgrading industrial chain.

Here are the advantages of Chinese toy manufacturers:

1. The supply chain is very complete, toy products include sewing, electronics, steel, plastic and other links, and all of these raw materials can be found a very suitable supply chain in China.

2. Although the biggest advantage of some Southeast Asian countries over China is that labor prices are lower, the labor efficiency of Chinese workers is the highest in the world. People in the toy industry estimate that Chinese skilled workers are twice as efficient as Vietnamese workers. three times as efficient as Thai workers.

3. There are about 400 million middle-class consumers in the Chinese market, and their incomes are growing, so investors in the toy industry at home and abroad will set up factories closest to the consumer market.

Based on the above three reasons, many well-known brands such as Lego、POP MART、MATTEL、kids2 etc have chosen to set up factories in China to produce toys. That's why China accounts for 70% of the world's toy production.

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