Why is China the world's largest toy factory ?

Why is China the world's largest toy factory ?
The reasons why China has become the largest toy factory in the world are as follows:
1、Complete industrial chain: China has a complete toy manufacturing industry chain, with a complete system from design, raw material procurement, production to sales. This gives China's toy manufacturing industry an advantage in both production efficiency and quality.
2、Labor cost advantage: China's labor cost is relatively low, which has great advantages for labor-intensive industries such as toy manufacturing.
3、Large market size: China has a huge toy market. For toy manufacturers at home and abroad, China is a sales market with great potential.
4、Policy support: The Chinese government has given policy support to the toy manufacturing industry, including export tax rebates, simplification of import procedures, etc., which further promotes the development of China's toy manufacturing industry.
5、Rich experience: China's toy manufacturing industry has accumulated many years of experience, whether it is in production technology, quality control or marketing, it has rich experience and advantages.
In general, China has become the world's largest toy factory due to its comprehensive industrial chain, low labor costs, huge market size, policy support and rich experience.
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