Where to find toy companies in china?

Where to find toy companies in china?
Companies that make toys in China are mainly concentrated in Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. Nearly 80% of China's toy manufacturers are concentrated here. Generally, buyers directly refer to Chinese toys as Shantou toys or Chenghai toys.

We know that Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market is the largest toy wholesale market in China. When you wholesale toys from China, Yiwu Toys Market is your best choice. Because you can buy many different styles of toys in the same store, and the MOQ is as low as 1 carton, the price is cheap.

But if you are looking for companies in China that make toys, or buy directly from Chinese toy factories or manufacturers, Shantou is the place you must go.
Who should import toys from Shantou?
#1. For big buyers or importers who want to import toys directly from Chinese toy companies' toy factories.

#2. People can buy toys in more than three cartons per model.

#3. Importers can buy a full container of toys.

#4. People who want to customize their own toy packaging or custom toys.

#5. People like supermarkets or big box retailers and want to buy more styles of toys.

For the above-mentioned people who want to come to China to purchase toys, Chenghai, Shantou is the must-go place for you to import toys from China.
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